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So here is the lastest drama with my 18 year old. She has had here first scam pulled on her.

I want to get this out there to hopefully keep some other unsuspecting person from going thru this. There is a business out there called Magazines Inc. out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.


They call you and tell you  that you have won something and then tell you that you have to give them your credit card number so they can confirm your identity. They told her that she had won a free magazine subscription and there would be a one time charge of $20.00 for shipping and handling. Well that onetime charge has now turned into 3 charges. The first one was for $68.28 and put her checking account overdrawn which in turn ended up costing her additional charges of over $100.00. She has since been charged another $68.28 and $19.99.

We are now in the process of trying to figure out how to stop all this and get her money back. unfortunately she is not the only one to be scammed by these people. You can google them at complaints.com and several other sites. Some of these people have been trying to get this fixed for years. Please lets tell our children about scams like this. If I had warned my daughter maybe I wouldn’t be blogging about it now.


And so it begins!!!

How many times have  I said that I wish I were 18 again? And now I have an 18 year old who wishes she wasn’t.

I get it. Being 18 is scary to say the least. But, 18 is also the greatest time of your life. You have the whole world out there ahead of you. It’s a time of old things coming to an end and new and wonderful things beginning.

I told myself that I would not allow my children to be slapped in the face with reality. Problem being that reality has changed a bunch since I was 18.  But, I believe I have the basics covered.

#1- She has a job               #2- She has a Car                     #3- She has a phone                      #4- She pays for #2 & #3 with #1

Hard part is now she has to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. And those things that magically got done for her will now have to be done by her.  No more finding the clothes that once occupied the hamper now folded neatly in the drawer. And when the wallet all of a sudden had money in it when you knew it was empty the last time you looked in it.

Having to make decisions on your own and knowing that you have to live with those decisions is hard enough. But, knowing that mom and dad aren’t going to fix the bad decisions you make is really  hard.  It should be a fun time of knowing that you don’t have your parents telling you what you should and should not do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my daughter stills wants and respects my opinion.

And so it begins!!! The simple steps from childhood to adulthood,(ok, maybe not so simple), the coming of an age as they say. But, I still would give anything 2B18again!!!!!!!

Till next time, repeat after me, “You are only as old as your body allows you to be.” ( I learned a long time ago your mind has nothing to do with it.


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